Time Management for the Smarter Homeworker

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A large part of achieving the work-life balance is, to my mind, being able to work from home, whether it’s as part of a ‘work from home’ policy that your company is running or whether you are self-employed. Working from home is clearly a more efficient use of time since it rules out the time it takes to commute to the work place. And also of energy since it eliminates the need to take crowded public transport which can soak up energy levels or time lost in traffic jams if driving to work in the car. However, time management skills are essential to making the best use of your day when working from home. Fortunately technology makes this much easier in today’s world. Here are the top 15 time management apps via http://www.lifehack.org. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/top-15-time-management-apps-and-tools.html

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Hard Time / Soft Time

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i_darkI am a firm believer of investing time to become a good writer. When it comes to utilizing time, there are two ways to tasks to explore. The concept of ‘Hard Time’; that period of time spent in from of the typewriter, computer screen, notebook with pen, and the concept of ‘soft time’; that period of time spent in though and reflection on the story you are crafting.

Most of us when we think of ‘writing’ we see the scene of the hard time writing. We picture ourselves in front of the computer, or a typewriter in the old days, and actually banging out pages of text. And this is an important part of the writing process, the actual writing! But if you find yourself sitting there… staring… blankly… and a blank piece of paper, or blank computer screen, contemplating banging your head against it, wait! You are experiencing writer’s…

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17.0 Are You a Leader Potential?

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17.1 What is “Are You a Leader Potential?”

To be a leader in both personality and status, we should ask ourselves this question: What qualifies a person to be a leader? In other words, what are the prerequisite characteristics one should possess to become a leader? Anyone has the potential to be a leader once you have recognized and possess the prerequisite characteristics. Basing on the Founder’s experience and observations, this article will discuss on the basic characteristics one should possess to be a leader.

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Bridgegate Redux: Christie announces that he will investigate himself over pay to play claims

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chris-christieThis afternoon brought the latest twist in the New Jersey pay to play scandal first uncovered by Pando.

Gov. Chris Christie’s administration has released the details of its investigation into the $10,000 donation from General Catalyst’s Charlie Baker to the New Jersey Republican State Committee. The donation came just months before Christie officials gave General Catalyst a state pension contract, raising questions about possible violations of state and federal pay to play rules.

Here’s the kicker: Rather than appointing an independent counsel, the Christie administration says it will be investigating itself.

This seems to be part of a pattern. Just recently, Christie had a Christie-appointed lawyer (from a firm that is a donor to the Christie-run Republican Governors Association) issue a report absolving Christie of any wrongdoing in Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

Additionally, it appears that Christie officials are attempting to limit the scope of the pay to play investigation only to…

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