Uber Picks Up Another $200M From LetterOne To Push Into Emerging Markets

uber car with sign Along with its new logos, it looks like Uber has picked up some new funding, too. LetterOne (L1), a fund based out of Luxembourg and headed by Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman, is putting $200 million into the transportation and logistics juggernaut to help it push further into emerging markets. This is a new investment, rather than a past investment only being disclosed now, the… Read More

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Rakuten Writes Down $340M In Assets, Shutters Marketplaces In Southeast Asia And Brazil

rakuten Japan-headquartered e-commerce firm Rakuten has written down $340 million from a range of businesses, including its Kobo e-reader division and France-based e-commerce site PriceMinister, and announced plans to close a number of its global operations as part of a new strategic focus. Read More

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‘Thor’ star Chris Hemsworth’s Indian holiday looks fun



Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is currently in India, with his wife Elsa Pataky, to participate in the Spanish adventure show Planeta Calleja. Along with show host and adventurer Jesus Calleja, they will be climbing a previously unsurmounted 18,000 feet high mountain in north India.

Before starting the tough climb though, the couple has been posting pictures of their travels in India on social media. From a rockstar photo of the two on a Royal Enfield to a shot of Hemsworth almost kissing a cow, this holiday looks like fun.

chris hemswroth Read more…

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You should know why you can’t stop using Tinder



Video: Armand Valdes, Loris Ravera, Quincy Ledbetter

We all have those friends who can’t seem to put down their phones and would rather spend a few hours swiping left and right on Tinder than actually attempting to meet people in real life

And our goal here is not to Tinder-shame anyone because Tinder was created and designed to be addictive. In fact, we should call Tinder out for what it really is – a game

What works so well about Tinder is the simplicity of it. Based on a small amount of information and a few pictures, you either say yes or no. Even the act of swiping makes it seem a little more interactive. Read more…

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Markiplier guest stars on season opener of Disney’s ‘Gamer’s Guide’



If you want to pay the bills by gaming, you should probably learn from the best.

Disney XD’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything will feature YouTube star Markiplier in its second season premiere. The sitcom focuses on four high school friends intent on taking their professional careers to the next level

Markiplier, known for his humorous playthroughs of everything from Minecraft to Five Nights at Freddy’s, Garry’s Mod and Surgeon Simulator 2013, plays himself as a game tournament host. In the episode, Conor (Cameron Boyce, of Disney’s Jessie and Descendants) and his friends take a product endorsement deal to try to dethrone their gaming arch rival. They quickly discover their chosen product has dangerous side effects Read more…

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Man replies to scam emails — and hilarity ensues



We’ve all hovered between the reply and delete buttons wondering what may have come if we’d just given Barrister John Lateef a chance to explain why he has a jaw-dropping inheritance waiting for us or asked Sir Morrison a little more about that investment scheme.

One bold, brave and bored comedian, James Veitch, stopped hovering and hit reply. What ensued was a soap opera so delicious that he decided to hit ‘reply’ again. And again and again for two solid years

The result of all that spamming was enough laugh-out-loud conversations to fill a book – literally – and our new series “Scamalot” is bringing a special bunch of those to life Read more…

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GE delights your inner nerd with videos that defy science myths



At a time when Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Google and Apple are overtaking industrial giants as stock market heavyweights, General Electric has struggled to present itself as an exciting hub for tech innovation.

The corporation of Thomas Edison and the light bulb has focused much of its recent advertising on shedding the public perception of it as a stodgy, staid institution — a dilemma the company self-deprecatingly poked fun at in a recent ad campaign in which a new GE employee struggled to explain why his job was more interesting than his bemused friends and family believed.

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Kristen Wiig is the MVP of poorly researched Peyton Manning impressions



Ninety percent of professional football is just showing up in uniform — several days after the game if need be

Kristen Wiig stopped by The Tonight Show to deliver another one of her delightful, clueless impressions. This time, she took on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who just helped his team score a victory at the Super Bowl.

Jimmy Fallon uncovers information far more critical than what it’s like to win the big game, like the fact that Manning’s favorite color is “greenish.”

Wiig is clearly the MVP (Most Valuable Peyton).

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30 Inspiring Quotes By Rumi

IMG_7670  Rumi, also known as Mawlānā, is one of the world’s greatest poets of all time. Born in the city of Balkh, located in Northern Afghanistan, this mystical man was heavily influenced by Sufism and had a deep love for humanity. Throughout the centuries, his poems and quotes have sang to the hearts and souls of millions and millions of people…inspiring greater love, faith, comedy and humanity in the world. Here are 30 of Rumi’s most inspiring quotes. 1. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi 2. “Out beyond the world of ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~ Rumi 3. “Gratitude is the […]

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Digital only: UK’s Independent to close print newspapers after 30 years



LONDON — The Independent and the Independent on Sunday newspapers are to close in March, their owner Evgeny Lebedev has confirmed.

Lebedev also confirmed that the lower price i newspaper will be sold to Johnston Press for £24 million ($35 million).

The last issue of The Independent will be published March 26 and the final Independent on Sunday will hit newsstands March 20, with the brand continuing as digital only after that point.

“Today the Independent titles announce an historic transition,” Lebedev said in an email to staff, Press Gazette reports. “At a time when our journalism is read and respected by more people in more places than ever before, we are embracing an exclusively digital future with http://ift.tt/eo5TIt and its associated sites. Read more…

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