Man’s account accidentally overdrawn by $2 million


Sydney man Calum Mawson recently suffered the expensive consequences of what he said was a bizarre corporate error, but which others have called a typing mishap.

It started when Mawson went to pay his A$225 (US$161) Telstra phone bill Friday. Everything seemed normal, but he got a surprise when he saw the receipt. He’d somehow wound up handing over $2,250,623 (US$1,612,526) — just a casual couple of million he didn’t have.

“I was pretty shocked to put it lightly,” he told Mashable Australia. Mawson called Telstra’s customer service staff, who he said assured him the outrageous amount would not go through. Read more…

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New MacBook Pro might have an OLED touch bar instead of function keys


Ever since the big Retina change of 2012, Apple’s MacBook Pro line has been roughly the same. Yes, there have been improvements: The laptops got a bit thinner, the processors inside more powerful, the battery a little bigger. But radical changes were absent; grab a MacBook Pro from 2012 and the latest model, and you won’t notice many differences.

That might change this year. According to a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo (first noticed by MacRumors), Apple plans a big overhaul of the MacBook line in late 2016. 

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NuTonomy raises $16M to make self-driving taxis a reality by 2018

nutonomy Another week, another story about a promising independent self-driving vehicle company. Last week, Otto came out of stealth to offer autonomous technology for trucks, and today MIT spinoff NuTonomy announced $16 million in funding to go after its ambitious goal of offering self-driving taxis within two years. Read More

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Greece starts removing 8,000 refugees from Idomeni camp


Greek authorities have started removing thousands of stranded asylum-seekers from the makeshift camp of Idomeni on the Macedonian border. 

More than 400 riot police have been deployed in the operation, which started at dawn but is expected to last about a week to 10 days, according to the government’s spokesman for the refugee crisis, Giorgos Kyritsis. 

At least 8,400 people, mostly refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, including many children and women, live at the informal camp. 

The first six buses carrying a total of 340 people left Idomeni to a new asylum processing centre near Greece’s second city of Thessaloniki.  Read more…

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We can spend all day watching this guy make miniature fake food


Let’s face it, you spend quite a bit of a time in the day watching YouTuber Miniature Station cooking miniature food. We do too.

Our latest obsession is the DIY Fake Food channel, where a Japanese guy painstakingly creates fake miniature food from scratch. He pays attention to the most minute details, and blows us away with how nimble his fingers are.

Whether it’s two-minute ramen noodles or juicy strawberries, nothing is impossible for this guy who we found out has another YouTube channel where documents the daily life of his pet hamster, even the amazing house he built for it.

Put his videos on repeat if you have nothing planned for the rest of the day. Read more…

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eBay buys Ticketbis to expand its StubHub business into Europe, Latin America

StubHub_Logo_NoTM_Primary_RGB_Teal While EBay continues to build out its core marketplace for physical goods, it’s also investing to expand other businesses and brands, too. Today the company announced that it has acquired Ticketbis, an online ticket marketplace based out of Bilbao. EBay plans to roll Ticketbis into StubHub, its own ticket marketplace, and will expand StubHub into 47 more markets, specifically with an… Read More

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The 10 awesome malapropisms from ‘The Bachelorette’ season premiere


LOS ANGELES — It’s one of my favorite things about ABC’s The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise: those awkward butcherings of English language words, phrases and idioms that grammar trolls like me call “malapropisms.”

Across any given season, there are dozens. Unlike many things about the show, they are real. 

And they are spectacular.

Alcohol will do it. So will being on a popular network reality dating show — where you’re supposed to be suave and debonair, but also a person who’s dumb/narcissistic enough to be on a popular network reality dating show. While drinking alcohol. Read more…

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The new MacBook Pro could feature a Touch ID sensor and an OLED mini screen

macbook-key-depth Rumor has it that Apple is about to update the MacBook Pro with a retina display in the coming months. And according to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities and 9to5mac, it should be much more than a specification bump.
The company wants to keep two screen sizes with a 13-inch model and a somewhat more powerful 15-inch model. But these laptops s Read More

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Buy tickets for our Meetup and Pitch-off in Stockholm on June 7!

stockholm meetup Applications are now closed for startups who want to pitch on stage at the TechCrunch Stockholm Meetup and Pitch-off on June 7. Whether you’re on stage or not, we’d love to see you there, so head over here to get your tickets! We’ve had an amazing response from startups wanting to pitch on stage, and if you’re one of the hopefuls: we’re now narrowing down the… Read More

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