Comedy power couple Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele announce engagement on Twitter



It’s 2015, and unless you’re Benedict Cumberbatch, no one announces their engagement via newspaper anymore — social media and a diamond ring emoji is the way to do it

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, comedy power couple Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele took to Twitter to announce that they’re getting married

On Saturday, Peretti tweeted that Peele had proposed to her during a family talent show, while her betrothed tweeted her the ever-appropriate diamond ring emoji

My fiancé (lololol) @JordanPeele proposed to me last night during the family talent show lolol

— Chelsea Peretti (@chelseaperetti) November 28, 2015 Read more…

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Prosecutors charge 4 men in shooting of Minneapolis protesters



Prosecutors have charged four men after shots were fired at demonstrators protesting the killing of a black man by Minneapolis police on Nov. 23.

Twenty-three-year-old Allen Lawrence Scarsella, of Lakeville, is charged with one count of riot while armed with a dangerous weapon and five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

A criminal complaint says Scarsella fired the shots that injured five protesters on Nov. 23.

Twenty-seven-year-old Joseph Martin Backman of Eagan, 21-year-old Nathan Wayne Gustavsson of Hermantown, and 26-year-old Daniel Thomas Macey of Pine City each face a riot charge. Read more…

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Effortlessly Cleanse And Monitor The Air In Your Home With Blueair’s Sense+ and Aware

blueair_sense_0.jpg Air shouldn’t really be something you have to spend too much time thinking about. You breathe it in, then breathe out. All good. Unfortunately, sometimes air quality sucks and you have to invest in an air purifier, which you then generally have to spend too much time thinking about how to operate. Blueair is introducing a couple of connected air purification products to ensure that… Read More

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A rap about putting weed in latkes will get you in the Hanukkah spirit



Everyone knows that latkes are the single greatest savory holiday food. It’s an undisputed fact. The oily, fried, delicious potato pancakes are traditionally served during Hanukkah, and everyone looks forward to them.

Since the ingredient list to make latkes is fairly short, it’s easy to spice them up with a little something extra. You might make your latkes with cheese, onions, or sweet potatoes — but musician Abby Dorsey would encourage you to add some weed.

Dorsey, also known as MC Flow, released a music video for her holiday rap called “Pot in the Latkes.” The video features cameos by holiday celebs like Santa and Jesus, and it’s all about how to make tasty, festive edibles. Proceed with caution. Read more…

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Changes are coming to the U.S. visa waiver program



Since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, the visa waiver program in the United States has come under scrutiny.

Even though the waiver program — which allows citizens of 38 countries to come to the U.S. for 90 days without first applying for a visa — was not implicated in the attacks, bipartisan support has arisen to tighten rules.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that the visa waiver program could benefit from “some reforms,” including improved information sharing between the United States and the visa waiver countries.

One proposed reform, Earnest said, would involve “capturing more information related to previous travel and this would include people who have recently traveled to areas where we know there is a significant risk of terrorism.” Read more…

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How one family-owned business became a live entertainment powerhouse



“I got involved in the family business when I was about five years old. My father would take me to work on the weekends with him — I learned to count by counting tickets.”

Kenneth Feld is a second generation member of family-owned Feld Entertainment, a live entertainment company that brings audiences sell-out shows including Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus, Disney on Ice and Monster Jam among many others.

Kenneth’s grandfather Irvin Feld acquired Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey in 1967, which marked the beginning of Feld Entertainment. Over the next 48 years, the company would expand to include an impressive variety of live entertainment franchises and an additional four Feld members spanning two generations on the leadership team. Kenneth joined “The Greatest Show on Earth” in 1970 and began learning everything he could about the circus from his father. In 1981, Kenneth Feld created Walt Disney’s World on Ice after securing the license to produce and present Disney-themed ice shows (the name was changed to Disney on Ice in 1998.) Read more…

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Santa Claus has been hacked



The North Pole is in turmoil today in the wake of an unprecedented holiday season setback: Santa Claus has been hacked, and is currently locked out of his digital Naughty / Nice List.

Santa fell victim to the Bah-Hum Bug — a new super bug that many claim is the most dangerous amalgamation of online evil to ever troll the World Wide Web.

The Naughty / Nice List is inarguably one of the most (if not the most) important items Santa relies on annually to deliver Christmas joy to good boys and girls all over the world, and without it, it’s unclear how he’ll carry out his 2015 Christmas Eve run. Read more…

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The new tallest building in the world will be a kilometer high



Dubai’s Burj Khalifa may soon need to forfeit its Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest building.

Saudia Arabia has secured funding to finish building the Jeddah Tower, a $1.2 billion project that is planned to rise about 3,280 feet into the sky, compared to Burj Khalifa’s 2,722 feet.

A release from the Saudi government on Sunday stated that Jeddah Economic Company, the tower’s owner and developer, signed a $2.2 billion deal with Saudi Arabia’s Alinma Investment (8.4 billion Saudi riyals). Those funds will also be used to develop the first phase of the Jeddah Economic City project.

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Learn how to be an authentic leader in our next #BizChats



Leaders aren’t just born, they’re made. Naturally in any office setting, there will always be more followers than leaders. However, it’s never set in stone who those leaders are going to be. Leadership positions are reserved for people who know how get things done. They’re reserved for proactive people that can ask the hard questions, leave their ego at the door and understand the meaning of sacrifice for the greater good of their team.

If your yearly check-up is right around the corner and you’ve had your heart set on a potential promotion, now isn’t the time to clam up. It’s time to fill those big shoes that open position requires and prove to your higher-ups, coworkers and yourself that you do have what it takes to be an authentic and impactful leader Read more…

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